Workshop on New Media & Fundamental of Journalism

Workshop on New Media & Fundamental of Journalism

Citizen Journalism

Mainstream link stressed

Advancement of citizen journalism and new media will play a significant role in curbing corruption from the society, said discussants at a workshop yesterday.

In citizen journalism, mass people have the opportunity of direct participation in collecting, processing and disseminating information. So, people can collectively raise their voices against irregularities and corruption, they said.

A new media platform with the support of a development and research organisation D.Net organised the workshop styled New Media & Citizen Journalism at IDB Bhaban auditorium in the capital.

Ekattor TV Head of News (output) Shakil Ahmed stressed the need for linkage between citizen journalism and mainstream media houses to enrich professional journalism in Bangladesh. Founder SM Ashraf Abir said the mainstream professional journalism is now becoming dependent on citizen journalism and new media, which refers to interactive media, amidst the massive use of technology.

The organizers awarded twelve citizen journalists yesterday.