Vows for the New Year, The Daily Star

Vows for the New Year, The Daily Star

SM Ashraf Abir,
Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd. 

Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd, a leading mobile application and multimedia service provider, wants to become a top-rated company by launching innovative products this year.

“Everyday 3.5 million people across the globe use our mobile applications, said SM Ashraf Abir, CEO of MCC Ltd. “We want to increase the number to 25 million by 2018″

In Bangladesh, the company aims to roll out more innovative applications such as health, education and travel based services for smartphone users, he said.

“Taking this lead we would want every user to get a global picture and therefore thrive to develop more local content-based initiative for maximum utilization of technology, he said.

Last year was booming, not only for MCC but also for the entire IT Industry in Bangladesh, said Abir.

The company launched different mobile-based services in 2012 and created its own space in the mobile application market, he added.

Abir was recognized for his contribution to ICT industry as he won Manthan South Asia Award 2009 and 2010 plus World Summit Youth Award 2011.