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About This Project

The READ project aims to work with the government to enable GPS schools to use multimedia classrooms more effectively. The project seeks to improve early grade reading skills to limit early drop out in the primary cycle and increase the number of students completing school with a solid base of primary skills.


READ is providing support to 1,200 ICT schools by developing Bangla content for Grade 1, 2 & 3. The content is being used to develop reading competencies. The content is web based and is also available for desktop and android handsets.


The following contents were developed:

Grade 1 Apps: Letter Knowledge-Bangla Vowel and Consonant; Recognition and use of Vowel Symbols; Conjuncts, according to text book

Grade 2 Apps: Conjuncts, according to text book; Punctuation Marks; Bangla Twelve Months and Six Seasons; Numbers; Comprehension focused introduction of Birds, Flowers, Rivers, Fruits and Animals

Grade 3 Apps: Conjuncts, according to text book; Punctuation Marks; Ordinal Numbers; Symbols and Directions

Digital Supplementary Reading Materials (DSRM) 70 interactive books with voice over, animation and dialogues


Content Link:


Target Audiences:

  • Students
  • Teachers

Platforms: Web & Desktop

Our Scope of Work:

  • Graphics & Art-work
  • Graphics for Background
  • Character drawing
  • Animation