Multimedia Primary Education Content



Technologies Used

Adobe Flash CS2, Sound Force, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Multimedia Content
About This Project

The Post-primary Basic and Continuing Education (PACE) program initiated the initiative to develop interactive education software based on the national curriculum Class 6-10, in order to improve the teaching capacity of the teachers and to make the classes more interesting and exciting for the students the basic objective of the developing the education content is as follows:-

  • To make the class more interactive and engaging
  • Ensure conceptual clarity and better application
  • Increase teachers understanding of the lesson
  • Create self learning provision for both teacher and students
  • Familiarize the rural students and teachers with the modem computer technology.


Target Audiences:

  • Children of Class 6-10
  • Teachers
  • Parents


Platforms: Web & Desktop


Our Scope of Work:

  • Graphics & Art-work
  • Graphics for Background
  • Character drawing
  • Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Interactive ‘Drag & Drop’
  • 24 Games for assessment