Horizontal Learning Program


The World Bank

Technologies Used

PHP, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, AJax, jQuery

Web Application
About This Project

Horizontal Learning Program. HLP is a Union Parishad (UP) led peer-to-peer learning initiative facilitated by the Government of Bangladesh and supported by development partners. Under this program local governments connect with each other to identify, share, and replicate the very best practices of their peers.

This is a dynamic content based information portal containing all information about the Program. It also has many info-graphic representation of UP Budgets, UP Finance Data, Good Practice Area etc.

Key Features:

  • Bilingual- English & Bengali
  • Access to published reports in PDFs
  • Access to budget and statistics in PDFs
  • Graphical representation of financial data
  • Map based data
  • Wide range gallery includes audio, video, slideshow and power-point slides
  • Community hub formation through website & social media such as Facebook & Twitter

Back end Features:

  • Field data refinement
  • Admin Panel to review information before upload
  • SMS Blast system used for communicating with members without social media access