Animated Content for Smart Class Rooms



Technologies Used

ActionScript2, Adobe Flash CS2, Sound Force, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Multimedia Content
About This Project

Development of almost 400 animated clips with interactivity. Includes over 30 games and 60 drama. The multimedia content is being used by teachers to assist them during the class to teach in the Smart Class Rooms across Bangladesh.

Content developed for the following:

  • English-Class VI to VIII
  • Science-Class VII & VIII
  • Geography-Class IX & X



Target Audiences:

  • Teachers
  • Children of 6-10


Platforms: Web & Desktop
Our Scope of Work:

  • 30 interactive games for assessment
  • 60 drama style animation
  • Interactive ‘Drag & Drop’
  • ‘Match the Following’
  • ‘Choose the Correct Answer’
  • Graphics & Art-work
  • Graphics for Background
  • Character drawing
  • Animation
  • Voice Over includes special instructions for teachers