ICT4D of Children

Partners: UNICEF, BBC Media Action, Save the Children, Dnet

ICTs such as mobile phones, computers and the internet are now seen as accelerators of development processes. They play a critical role in achieving results for the most marginalized communities and the most vulnerable.ICT4D provides a broad range of powerful tools to enhance both the knowledge and communication dimensions of development. ICT4D has potentials for the reduction of poverty, opportunity, empowerment and security. Empowerment removes social barriers. ICT4D is a platform for launching various services for empowering disadvantaged communities through networking and sharing of information and knowledge. Facilities have revolutionized communities by creating new opportunities for socio-economic development.

We designed and developed the first ever official MEENA Games produced by UNICEF. Meena a cartoon character from South Asia is a spirited, nine-year-old girl, who braves all the odd– whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the discrimination against children. Meena has achieved quite a remarkable popularity as she tackles the key issues affecting children and the marginalized community. The stories revolve around the adventures of Meena, her brother Raju, her pet parrot Mithu, and members of her family and community.

Bangladesh was the first country to launch Meena when a film about her struggle to go to school, called ‘Count Your Chickens’, was broadcasted on national television in 1993. Since then, Meena has starred in 26 films for television, as well as radio programmes, comics and books. Every year, UNICEF releases new Meena stories that are read and watched by children and adults alike in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Meena episodes have been dubbed into local languages and shown on TV in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well. UNICEF continues to speak with children to find out what stories people want to hear and this game is another step to reach their expectation.

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A Self-Learning Game with education & entertainment for adolescents. Can be played in your mobile phone, tablet and desktop.


An interactive content in the form of a game for the Generation Breakthrough project which aims to support behavior change among teenagers. Playing these games will enable them to have safe, healthy and mutually respectful relationships as adults, by building understanding and increasing dialogue about gender-based violence (GBV), Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues, and improve access to SRHR information and services.

  • Boys Puberty
  • Girls Puberty
  • Early Marriage & Pregnancy

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  • User friendly and accessible portal for viewing existing profiles;
  • Data divided broadly into two main categories: Geographical and Thematic;
  • Data can be updated from backend;
  • Data represented by live charts and graphs;
  • Data comparison option included.

Education + Entertainment= EDUTAINMENT

‘Shishu Profile’ or ‘Children’s Profile in Bangladesh’ is an app which brings the children’s profiles based on credible national level surveys in order to project a depiction of their circumstances in various geographic regions of the nation. The information in the app is differentiated by National, District and Thematic level. It provides glances of statistical information on the conditions of women and children in Bangladesh. Additionally, the app presents information about the progression of the condition of women and children in terms of certain thematically arranged indicators concerning their well-being.

The app significantly has made information digitally available and archives them by means of a dedicated web portal. Apart from serving as a permanent archive it ensures to elevate the awareness of improving condition of women and children as a whole.


Digital Teaching & Interactive Materials for Enhancing Early Grade Learning


Being taught across 1,200 GPS schools

Developing & Improving reading skills

Limiting Primary school drop outs

Effective use of Multimedia classrooms



Grade 1: Learn alphabets, vowel & consonant; how to use vowel symbols &, conjuncts

Grade 2: Punctuation marks; 12 Months & 6 Seasons; Numbers; Comprehension; Introduction to Birds, Flowers, Rivers, Fruits & Animals

Grade 3: Ordinal Numbers; Symbols & Directions

Digital Supplementary Reading Materials (DSRM) 70 interactive books with voice over, animation and dialogues

Meet Meena


Another mobile oriented channel that UNICEF intends to use to execute its Meena Communication Initiative (MCI) aimed at changing perceptions and behavior that hamper the survival, protection and development of girls in South Asia. The communication package consists of comic books, animated films, posters, discussion, teachers’ guide and radio series among which, the animated film is the flagship medium.

Bangladesh has a significant population below the age of 18 who are increasingly gaining access to information through mobile phone applications via internet. ‘Meet Meena’ a mobile application that enable users to access Meena’s animated films, comic books and other images. The app contains around 36 videos and 50 comics along with other images from the animated cartoon.


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