Ekattor App in NOKIA, The Daily Star

Ekattor App in NOKIA, The Daily Star











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Nokia launched its new application, Ekattor, to celebrate the memories of our independence.

The app is developed to give our generation a new way to learn about the liberation war.

The whole project has been developed with full support from the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. The technical aspect of the app is developed by MCC Limited.

The app has six categories- starting from pre-war era, then on March 1971, and the 9 month long bloodshed war presenting the whole liberation history like a virtual museum.

The app also has poster and leaflets from war times, and descriptions about the invaluable role of our freedom fighters.

Currently there are over 200 pictures with descriptions.

A new version will also be added soon with famous audio from the war times and the videos captured during the war.

The app can be downloaded from the Nokia store by all Nokia devices that have the access to the Nokia Store.