Client: MaPP-IT, UK & Atos Consulting
Funded by DFID for Ministry of Agriculture, AfghanistanWeb and Mobile Based Monitoring & Evaluation System

The CARD-F system was developed based on our product Intelligent Decision Support System, INDESS.

INDESS transforms conventional project monitoring activities into a real time project management tool to improve project performance.

INDESS provides instant access to real time data and analysis to enable project managers to make informed decisions.

INDESS comes with data analysis tools which allow data to be processed and presented in easily accessible visual formats including graphs and images. This data can also be exported for further analysis in excel spreadsheets.

INDESS increases the participation and ownership of field staff in the monitoring and evaluation of the project activities and outcomes.

INDESS allows field staff with minimum training to help collect robust data without compromising on data quality.

INDESS improves transparency and accountability of development projects by providing access to data sets in a range of formats to different stakeholders including donors, international agencies, taxpayers and beneficiaries.



The INDESS mobile application (App) is used to collect and upload data on project performance. The App can be installed on an Android smart phone and allows users to download questionnaires which can be used to store texts, numbers, pictures, audio, video, GPS data and multiple choice answers.


The App has the flexibility to leave a survey before it has been completed and return to complete it at a late time. This facility is helpful if, for instance, the survey requires data from different people, different locations or different times.


Users do not need to be connected to the internet to complete surveys and collect data from the field. All data is saved on the phone and then can be uploaded to the server when the user is next able to connect to a computer with internet access.




The date and time of the data collected on the App is recorded to prevent data tampering.


The GPS coordinates of the App records the location of data collection. So the project manager can verify that the data was collected from the correct location.


Each completed survey includes a photograph of the data collector. This feature enables the project manager to verify the identity of the data collector.


The INDESS web interface allows users to